Devops Automation

DeliveryDevOps is a moment which redefines how development and operations can work together to improve software delivery performance and deliver its true value to the organization. It is at the heart of major transformations at various fortune 500 companies. Infinity has a large pool of resources with various cross-disciplinary capabilities to help our customers successfully achieve their ideological, organizational, and technological transformation goals.

  • Increased velocity of innovation
  • Supports faster time-to-market from ideation to launch
  • High elasticity of core infrastructure & applications
  • Faster & easier migration of core infrastructure & applications between data centers & computing environments
  • Faster & easier integration of new acquisitions
  • Higher core infrastructure & application resiliency & availability
  • Improved maintainability and consistency of infrastructure & applications
  • Increased levels of security as bar is raised to support open & cloud-based applications
Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency
  • Reduce unit cost for core infrastructure
  • Increased development productivity
  • Standardization of core infrastructure & application platform services
  • High automation with simplified procedures and self-service
  • Increased asset utilization and component reuse through resource sharing