Financial Services

The digital revolution that has already disrupted many industries and even made some industries essentially obsolete was incepted in the financial technology sector and has been rapidly transforming the industry. Digital services are changing the way transactions are processed and especially the way customers interact with banks and other organizations.

Fintech Project Profile Snapshot

Engagement Platform
BHive: B2B Engagement Platform

Bring your brand to life with the fully customizable forums & online portals, making your website a one-stop shop for the latest updates, information and industry buzz. Develop a loyal customer base to directly communicate new product announcements and industry commentary.

Contract Optimization
Cross-border Contract Optimization

Optimize the pricing strategy of cross-border payment flows & capture incremental revenue by converting cross border transactional data to generate FX revenue. Derive value and opportunities by identifying the right subset of data for business insights. Intelligently mine data to help define market-appropriate pricing strategies.

Closed Loop
Closed Loop CX Program:

Customer ticketing alert system & case management program

Closed Loop
Market Sentiment Analysis

Market sentiment analysis for real-time prediction of market trends for traders and investors


Capital Market

Capital Market

Asset & Wealth Creation

Asset & Wealth Creation

Retail Banking

Retail Banking

Capital Markets

With more than 20 years of experience, Infinity delivers a full range of end-to-end solutions to help capital markets clients function more efficiently and effectively. We can help our financial clients lower the cost and improve the efficacy of the trade lifecycle across all areas of corporate technology initiatives. Our roster of technological services help our valued customers through our in-depth domain understanding, customizable, modular solutions, and flexible engagement models. We have the expertise and experience in building solutions for challenges in a wide spectrum of financial instruments including equities, fixed income, derivatives, commodities, foreign exchange, etc.

Capital Market Offerings

  • Front & Middle Office Applications
  • Pricing & Risk Systems for Multi-asset Classes
  • Sales OMS
  • Reference & Marking Data Service Platforms
  • Mobile Solution for Multi-device/ Platforms
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Application Development Framework & Components for Rapid Development
  • Web-based solutions & portal for Workflow Management, & Business Process Management
Asset Wealth Management

Asset & Wealth Management

The financial services industry in general and AWM in particular have always been early adopters of cutting-edge technology solutions to manage their complex, multi-layer operations,. Infinity has extended its services to foremost financial firms across the globe and successfully built customized solutions in complex environments.

We have developed expertise in delivering end-to-end solutions encompassing front, middle & back-office functionality for clients offering services including retail and institutional asset management, fund management, private wealth management, unified & separately managed accounts, and alternative investments.

Our in-depth domain knowledge and cutting-edge technical expertise and competencies, with the capability and capacity to build scalable solutions, give our clients the confidence to address their specific challenges to meet competitive and regulatory needs.

Retail Banking

In the era of constant connectivity with any-time, any-where banking spanning myriad platforms & devices, Infinity’s retail banking practice specializes in providing end-to-end, mission-critical solutions to leading financial institutions. This broad spectrum of offerings hinges on a deep domain expertise and intimate knowledge of processes, right from the basic Maker-Checker workflows through all the regulator-mandated requirements common across geographies like KYC, AML, FATCA and other jurisdiction-specific ones like Wages Protection System, to advanced application integration techniques, including using middleware.

Retail Banking

Orchestrating the IT back-bone of a bank’s financial technology systems

Retail Banking

Automating bank-specific processes through custom software applications

Retail Banking

Ensuring stringent compliance to regulatory requirements through robust software products,

Retail Banking

Digital enablement of their operations through the use of cloud, mobile and analytics

Enterprise Support


Our ever-evolving banking solutions guarantees continued success to leading Banks and financial firms by providing sustainable, simple and secure transformative platforms covering technology, process and people.


AI-powered platforms that interact naturally with both customers and employees for foolproof decision making on a daily basis


Robotic Process Automation for optimized & efficient automation of repetitive human processes


Seamless and uniform user experience across all devices and channels – Internet, Smart-phone, Tablet, ATM, Wearables & Chat-bots


Transparency and immutability of data through our Blockchain integrated platforms